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Inflamax Research Announces Today the Commencement of a Phase IIa Allergic Conjunctivitis Trial


Inflamax Research Inc., a full-service, global CRO, announced today that it has begun conduct of Aldeyra Therapeutics, Inc.’s (NASDAQ:ALDX) phase IIa study testing an ophthalmic solution of NS2, a novel aldehyde trap for inflammatory disease. This study will be conducted at Inflamax Research’s clinic in Toronto, Canada and involves the use of the Conjunctival Allergen Provocation Test (CAPT) as a direct allergen instillation model. This study will involve the enrollment of 100 subjects who suffer from seasonal allergic conjunctivitis and will employ the use of Inflamax’s innovative electronic diary system (ePDAT™) and electronic data capture system (QDAQ™).

“Inflamax is a world leading CRO that provides unique services utilizing controlled clinical models like the well-accepted Conjunctival Allergen Provocation Test (CAPT). We are pleased to be involved in testing Aldeyra’s exciting product, whose anti-inflammatory properties mechanistically hold a lot of promise for inflammatory diseases like allergic conjunctivitis” said Dr. Anne Marie Salapatek, President and CSO of Inflamax Research.

Allergic conjunctivitis is experienced by approximately 40% of the general population and is thought to be mediated in part by pro-inflammatory aldehydes and leads to inflammation of various parts of the eye and eyelids, with corresponding symptoms of that often include itching, burning, tearing, sensitivity to light, redness, swelling, and mucus discharge.

About Inflamax

Inflamax Research is a full-service, global CRO specializing in allergy, ocular and respiratory diseases, led by world-known, key-opinion leaders. Inflamax has a strong academic background and publishes extensively in peer-reviewed journals. Inflamax is experienced in the conduct of large single and multi-centre trials using their innovative fixed and mobile Environmental Exposure Chambers and direct instillation models from a study’s concept to protocol writing, site management, data management, and medical writing. Inflamax’s scientists and clinicians are well known to regulatory authorities and regularly participate in an advisory role.