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Inflamax Research CSO to Present Data Demonstrating the Utility of Environmental Exposure Chambers in Asthma & Allergic Rhinitis Research at ERS 2014

Dr. Anne Marie Salapatek, CSO at Inflamax Research, will be presenting clinical trial data demonstrating the utility of Environmental Exposure Chambers in asthma and allergic rhinitis research at upcoming 2014 European Respiratory Society conference in Munich, Germany, September 6-10.

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) September 04, 2014

Inflamax Research Inc., a full-service CRO, announced today that their Chief Science Officer, Dr. Anne Marie Salapatek, will be presenting clinical trial data demonstrating how Environmental Exposure Chambers (EECs) can be utilized for the development of clinical trial programs aimed at showing safety and efficacy without the need for costly, large scale field studies.

The data being presented, across three poster presentations, is a representation of study design types that demonstrates how baseline allergic rhinitis symptoms can be provoked consistently out of allergy season. Patients are treated with an investigational or already-approved product, and then provoked again post-treatment to determine the level of change in symptom scoring. One poster specifically showcases a new naturalistic asthma model to study mild asthmatics safely and consistently using the EEC.

Dr. Salapatek is an expert in the field of allergy research and designing studies for specific regulatory requirements to prove safety and efficacy. She understands the need for a system like the EEC to be able to conduct small pilot and proof-of-concept studies through to large scale global pivotal studies. “Using the controlled EEC system allows small, novel compound companies to large global pharma and everyone in between, to explore pathways and indications to build their product and clinical trial programs in a streamlined and cost-efficient manner. It is very exciting that we are currently in talks with regulators from all major regions to allow EEC data from Phase III pivotal trials to be accepted for registration.”

Please join Dr. Salapatek on Tuesday, September 9th at 12:50pm-2:40pm at poster session 414 (1 poster, Hall B2-28) and session 415 (2 posters, Hall B2-29). She welcomes the opportunity to discuss the research that can be conducted utilizing Inflamax Research’s EECs, and its application to your upcoming projects. We welcome all inqueries as to Inflamax Research’s services and experience as a full-service CRO.

About Inflamax Research

Headquartered in Toronto, ON, Inflamax is a full service Contract Research Organization (CRO) specializing in Proof of Concept, and Phase I to IV studies in allergy, asthma, ocular, healthy volunteer studies and dermatology. Inflamax has unique electronic data collection tools for single and multi-center EEC and field studies which greatly improve the quality and speed of data collection in clinical trials.

About Dr Patel

Dr. Piyush Patel, Inflamax’s CEO is an industry veteran who has been in the forefront of development in EEC technology. Dr. Patel is an author of several patents relating to EEC technology and has been involved in the development of many mainstay anti-allergy drugs and immunotherapies currently on the market. He was the owner of Allied Research International; a CRO specializing in EECs, which was sold in 2007. Dr. Patel was also named Entrepreneur of the Year in 2008 for his work in building that company.