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Inflamax Research’s CSO presents at EAACI 2014

Dr. Anne Marie Salapatek, President & Chief Scientific Officer of Inflamax Research, will be presenting results of a meta-analysis outlining statistically significant correlations between house dust mite symptoms in the traditional Field trial approach and those collected from patients in the Environmental Exposure Chamber (EEC). These findings support the use of EEC allergen challenge approach for pivotal testing.

Mississauga, ON (PRWEB) June 06, 2014

Dr. Salapatek, an internationally renowned scientist with expertise in allergy, asthma and EEC clinical trials, is an invited speaker at the EAACI meeting. “This data shows that conducting studies in the EEC provides the best research option that reduces the variability seen in field trials whilst providing an accurate read of a therapy’s efficacy, and importantly also which well reflects that seen in the traditional field trial approach”, states Dr. Salapatek. These findings are to be presented at the 2014 The European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark on June 10th at 1:30 pm.

Dr. Salapatek will also be presenting a poster demonstrating that correlations between skin prick tests (SPT) and specific IgE levels in patients vary with perennial and seasonal allergies. This data was collected between Q4’2013 to the end of Q1’2014, when Inflamax successfully screened over 2,500 subjects for allergy studies including single and multi-site studies for seasonal and perennial allergy.

Inflamax Research is a leading CRO based in Mississauga Canada, specializing in Proof of Concept and Phase I through IV studies in allergy, asthma, ocular disease, and dermatology. Inflamax has successfully conducted studies in vulnerable and difficult-to-recruit populations, and allergy studies requiring very healthy participants. The results of these studies have been published in several mediums. Inflamax’s proprietary EEC and Electronic Patient Data Acquisition Tablet (ePDAT) has shown high controllability and compliance in comparison to traditional field studies and paper data collection.

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